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The world's leading Bitcoin cold-wallet backed, hardware based mining pool. Start your Bitcoin mining journey today.


The simplest platform for bitcoin mining. aims to provide easy access to earn the leading ifchain asset in a minute. We believe that everyone should easily have access to future currency to protect and manage your financial wellbeing. Bitw is UK based trusted bitcoin cloud mining.

Our Idea

However, our goal is the same — to make mining truly accessible to everyone regardless of investment size, technical background or experience in cryptocurrencies.


Our Pricing

This table shows real-time payouts to our customers. Just order Bitcoin mining plan and join to successful people who earned bitcoin on the top of nowadays technology!


0.0000 BTC

  • Daily Profit : 0.0000 $
  • 500 GH/s forever
  • Affiliate bonus 10%


0.0005 BTC

  • Daily Profit : 0.7800 $
  • 10000 GH/s for 365 days
  • Affiliate bonus 10%


0.0025 BTC

  • Daily Profit : 2.4300 $
  • 50000 GH/s for 365 days
  • Affiliate bonus 10%


0.0200 BTC

  • Daily Profit : 22.830 $
  • 400000 GH/s for 365 days
  • Affiliate bonus 10%


0.0400 BTC

  • Daily Profit : 50.080 $
  • 950000 GH/s for 365 days
  • Affiliate bonus 10%


0.0500 BTC

  • Daily Profit : 98.550 $
  • 1200000 GH/s for 365 days
  • Affiliate bonus 10%


0.1250 BTC

  • Daily Profit : 125.90 $
  • 2000000 GH/s for 365 days
  • Affiliate bonus 10%


0.2500 BTC

  • Daily Profit : 249.60 $
  • 4000000 GH/s for 365 days
  • Affiliate bonus 10%



  • Daily Profit: 500$ - 2000$
  • 8M - 40M GH/s 1YEAR
  • Affiliate bonus 10%

Last Winners

This table shows real-time Winners from our gambling platform. Just order Bitcoin mining plan and join to successful people who earned money on the top of nowadays technology!

Username Date Bet Result Prize
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-14 05:05:46TailWin0.0001 BTC
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-14 05:05:20TailWin0.0002 BTC
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-14 05:05:08HeadWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:59TailWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:57TailWin0.0001 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:57TailWin0.0002 BTC
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:54TailWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:51TailWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:50TailWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:48TailWin0.0001 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:48TailWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:47TailWin0.0001 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:45HeadWin0.0002 BTC
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:42HeadWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:41TailWin0.0001 BTC
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:38TailWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:37TailWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:35TailWin0.0002 BTC
bc1q60kr8ne9mmghllfzpsq8gzvs0XXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:34HeadWin0.002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:31TailWin0.0001 BTC
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:31TailWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:30HeadWin0.0002 BTC
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:27HeadWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:26TailWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:25TailWin0.0002 BTC
bc1q60kr8ne9mmghllfzpsq8gzvs0XXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:21HeadWin0.0002 BTC
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:20HeadWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:17HeadWin0.0002 BTC
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:17TailWin0.0002 BTC
bc1q60kr8ne9mmghllfzpsq8gzvs0XXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:16HeadWin0.0002 BTC
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:12HeadWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:11HeadWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:10TailWin0.0002 BTC
bc1q60kr8ne9mmghllfzpsq8gzvs0XXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:09TailWin0.0002 BTC
bc1q60kr8ne9mmghllfzpsq8gzvs0XXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:09HeadWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:08TailWin0.0002 BTC
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:08HeadWin0.0002 BTC
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:07HeadWin0.0002 BTC
bc1q60kr8ne9mmghllfzpsq8gzvs0XXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:05TailWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:03HeadWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:02TailWin0.0002 BTC
32Kk2pv3DX9vz8UQEGYQBkaiQNmzWXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:01HeadWin0.0002 BTC
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:00HeadWin0.0002 BTC
1JCmMHkXVxByBMPmEFVBjdDeG4BRbXXXXX2021-05-13 01:05:00HeadWin0.0002 BTC
3NozgKFzWtVZt5o3N5Zx712MZ7s95XXXXX2021-05-10 08:05:45TailWin0.1 BTC
3NozgKFzWtVZt5o3N5Zx712MZ7s95XXXXX2021-05-10 08:05:21TailWin0.002 BTC
3L4pQ3Lyy1sfm59ojyveCYC18wAetXXXXX2021-05-09 10:05:38TailWin0.1 BTC
3L4pQ3Lyy1sfm59ojyveCYC18wAetXXXXX2021-05-09 10:05:28TailWin0.1 BTC
3L4pQ3Lyy1sfm59ojyveCYC18wAetXXXXX2021-05-09 10:05:02TailWin0.1 BTC
1M3KmpoXzGE8DDBB1q66Ek6wNC8azXXXXX2021-05-08 02:05:59HeadWin0.02 BTC
1M3KmpoXzGE8DDBB1q66Ek6wNC8azXXXXX2021-05-08 02:05:29HeadWin0.02 BTC
1M3KmpoXzGE8DDBB1q66Ek6wNC8azXXXXX2021-05-08 02:05:15HeadWin0.02 BTC
1M3KmpoXzGE8DDBB1q66Ek6wNC8azXXXXX2021-05-08 02:05:13HeadWin0.1 BTC
3Ly3WtdcHXiusnwjkjtoG2gc9a6VLXXXXX2021-05-06 03:05:51HeadWin0.0001 BTC
3Ly3WtdcHXiusnwjkjtoG2gc9a6VLXXXXX2021-05-06 03:05:50HeadWin0.0001 BTC
3Ly3WtdcHXiusnwjkjtoG2gc9a6VLXXXXX2021-05-06 03:05:41HeadWin0.02 BTC
3Ly3WtdcHXiusnwjkjtoG2gc9a6VLXXXXX2021-05-06 03:05:40HeadWin0.0001 BTC
3Ly3WtdcHXiusnwjkjtoG2gc9a6VLXXXXX2021-05-06 03:05:37HeadWin0.002 BTC
3Ly3WtdcHXiusnwjkjtoG2gc9a6VLXXXXX2021-05-06 03:05:23HeadWin0.0001 BTC
3Ly3WtdcHXiusnwjkjtoG2gc9a6VLXXXXX2021-05-06 03:05:14HeadWin0.0001 BTC
3Ly3WtdcHXiusnwjkjtoG2gc9a6VLXXXXX2021-05-06 03:05:10HeadWin0.02 BTC
3Ly3WtdcHXiusnwjkjtoG2gc9a6VLXXXXX2021-05-06 03:05:08HeadWin0.0001 BTC
3Ly3WtdcHXiusnwjkjtoG2gc9a6VLXXXXX2021-05-06 03:05:08HeadWin0.0001 BTC
3Ly3WtdcHXiusnwjkjtoG2gc9a6VLXXXXX2021-05-06 03:05:07HeadWin0.0001 BTC
3Ly3WtdcHXiusnwjkjtoG2gc9a6VLXXXXX2021-05-06 03:05:00HeadWin0.0001 BTC

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Business consulting excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat consulting non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt laborum market.

t's easy just sign up by your bitcoin wallet if you dont have bitcoin wallet, please sign up here, and get your wallet.
You can Withdrawal Your Money At any time when your Account Have the Minimum of withdrawal (0.002 btc). All Withdrawals Completed instantly
You Can buy your mining plan Instantly at any time
You don`t even need to have your own deposit to enjoy benefits of affiliate program.
You will be credited 1% - 7% from each your referral purchased plan.
You will be rewarded 1 - 20 lucky spins from each your referral purchased plan.
We pay out the affiliate reward instantly in the Bitcoin. Commission is credited to the account balance.
With unlimited referrals your earning potential is endless
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